Searching for a perfect business application platform…

D Melnik
2 min readApr 1, 2019


We’ve already told you the story how we created Workflow Engine, our very first product. It proved to be a most efficient workflow tool, which allowed us to avoid many development errors, but we were still dealing with WinForms and wasted a lot of precious time on creating forms and changing data models (any minor change implied modifying several data layers and recompilation). It was obvious that we had to modernize our existing project, but it was impossible to rewrite it afresh.

So, we started looking for a perfect platform that would answer all our prayers. Our requirements were simple: whole project should be built in one IDE (Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider) with search engine and intelliSense, it must be user-, Git- and FDD-friendly with full comprehensible documentation and technology stack, with front-end and back-end separated, supporting multiple databases (MS SQL, PostGres, Oracle). Unfortunately all products available at that time were old-fashioned and, quite frankly, just old: most of them had been developed 10 or 15 years earlier.

And, most importantly, none of these platforms supported our existing system, which was efficient and well-functioning. We could not afford to disregard that.

Yet again we decided to build a solution of our own, and soon its beta version was successfully tested on a banking system we were working with.

The product which emerged as a result was DWKit. Technically speaking, it is a FormBuilder + Workflow + Security + Data Layer. It allows you to build your project from A to Z in one solution, its Front-end is based on React, it is Git- and FDD-friendly and it supports Business Flow. Plus some very nice and useful features were added, such as extension fields, event models and custom forms.

What’s next?..

Without false modesty, I can claim that we created two awesome products.

  1. Workflow Engine is the most efficient workflow component in the market, incredibly easy to integrate within your existing project.
  2. DWKit is the first platform which supports .NET Core. Its main goal is to help you effectively manage form and business process development time with drag&drop interaction.

In the nearest future we are planning to launch mobile container apps for iOS and Android, offer serverless technology support (Amazon AWZ & Azure Functions) and implement various DWKit use cases (HRM, CRM, Task Management, Document Management, etc.).

And finally we are hoping that our next product — Rule Engine — will see light this year. It’s going to be a software component that will allow add or change business logic in a business application.